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bus travel

Flixbus (Europe)

Germany's largest bus companies starting up a daily service from Malmö to the whole of Germany as well as other major cities such as Amsterdam, Budapest, Zurich and others at fantastic prices. You can search departure on their website (German and English) and of course also buy tickets from us.

Bohemian Lines (Czech Republic)

Bohemian Lines

Bohemian Lines is a Czech bus companies that run from Stockholm and down to southern Sweden and then continue to the Czech Republic. Bohemian stop in Berlin, Prague and Brno. The tours go twice per week. (Tue + Thu) Price example: Berlin - fr. 450: - Prague - fr. 650: - Brno - fr. 690: -

Sindbad (Poland)


Sindbad is the best way to travel by bus to Poland. We have largely tickets to all Polish cities twice a week. Price example Malmö-Poznan T / R: 1301 SEK For more information call or email + 46 40 330 570 / This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Welcome! Polish This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. You are welcome!

Nettbuss (Scandinavia)


With Nettbuss you travel comfortably to and away from the main Oslo daily. Netbuss offer a cheaper price for day trips - ie trips where the outward and return journey is done on the same day. By becoming known. GO-up, you can also collect bonus on all trips you make. Bus4You included in Nettbuss offers luxury at low and involves running modern and comfortable buses with fewer seats and instead plenty of legroom and comfortable leather armchairs. There is a power outlet at every seat and wireless Internet access included in the fare.

Swebus (Scandinavia)


With Swebus 150 can travel to various destinations. One tip is shopping trip from Skåne to Ullared running every week. Swebus is the market leader in the express bus in Sweden with 10 000 departures per week. The extensive route network includes approximately 150 destinations, mostly in Sweden but also in Norway and Denmark. Swebus express buses marked with the Good Environmental Choice and the tickets you can buy directly in our store in Malmö on Carlsgatan 4 (behind Malmö C) or HPL. 6 the hub in Helsingborg.