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Rent A Bike - Price List

We have bicycle rentals in Malmö, Helsingborg and Ystad for both large and small excursions. Why not experience Skåne exciting cities or Kattegat trail from the saddle? We have rentals in Malmo on Carlsgatan 4 (behind the post office building at the corner diagonally opposite the glass house at Malmö C) and Jorgen Kock Street 33 (400m behind Central Station). At the hub in Helsingborg, we have an office to rent at stop 6. In Ystad we Hamntorget. We also transport of bicycles, luggage and if necessary passengers by bus, and fixed tours with and without food and accommodation.

Why not try one of our guided bike tours.


Cycle 3-h Half day Full day Three days Week Description
    5 hours        
default   120 SEK 150 SEK 380 SEK 550 SEK Unisex. Have basket, lock, foot and hand brake, and height adjustable saddle.
7-speed   150 SEK 180 SEK 500 SEK 800 SEK Unisex. Have basket, foot and hand brake.
24-speed   250 SEK 300 SEK 800 SEK 1250 SEK Binanchi touring bike. Has dual hand brakes, height adjustable saddle and pump. Available as both women's and men's fit.
electric bike 200 SEK 300 SEK 350 SEK 1000 SEK 1950 SEK New lovely bike welcome to test
Lådcykel   300 SEK 350 SEK 900 SEK 1250 SEK 7-speed. Have two benches (space for storage under the benches) with harness. Room for children or equipment. Roofs are available if necessary.
Tandem   250 SEK 300 SEK 800 SEK 1100 SEK Unisex bike with hand and foot brake.
children Bicycle   120 SEK 150 SEK 380 SEK 550 SEK  
Bicycle with children nobility   150 SEK 180 SEK 450 SEK 750 SEK  
St. bike with Tag Along   195 SEK 375 SEK 545 SEK 825 SEK  
St. bike with trailer   200 SEK 250 SEK 650 SEK 1000 SEK  


available accessories

  • Helmet 20 SEK (free for children)
  • Bicycle lights are available if necessary.
  • Bike wagons can be rented to. From 75 SEK.
  • Tag-a-long is a semi-tandem where a child can sit behind a regular bike, but with its own saddle and pedals. An adult bike and a tag-a-long costs as a tandem.
  • Waterproofing products for saddle and handlebar basket


If you are a larger group, it is obviously still a good idea to rent bikes. For an additional charge, we can also arrange for transportation of the bikes, in case you wish to ride a bit away from Malmo. Contact us for a quote or inquiries about the details so we can help you! If you wish to cycle guide we will do it with our partners onMalmo Bike Tours.

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We have envägscykling and transporting both bikes and luggage. It applies to the whole county, Kattegat ranks Zealand and Berlin.


Transport (one way) Helsingborg / Malmö Skåne Halmstad Gothenburg
bicycles 75 250 450 550
Electric bicycles 150 350 650 850
Tandem 150 350 650 850
Luggage 75 125 250 250


picnic basket


1st Coke 50cl, 1st Biscuits 55g and Wasa crispbread 40g.



Freshly baked bun with cheese & ham, coffee, 1st 50cl water bottle and 1st 55g Biscuits.



A baguette with filling (possible to request a piece of content), 1st 50cl Coca Cola or water and 1st fruit.