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North Cyprus

Beach in Cyprus

Buy your own accommodation in the sun on Northern Cyprus. Our suggestion is that you contact us to calmly look at the range. we cooperate with Carrington group which has nice nybyggadsprojekt on good location but also finished items both villas, apartments and pentouse. You then travels on an inspection trip to the place to experience the climate and culture. It is important to have a good partner through the whole affair.

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Carrington properties
Stay Abroad
Carrington Cyprus

Kyrenia in North Cyprus is a lovely town with a wide range of services, shopping and swimming. Do not miss the Orchid-hike and the "Golden Beach". For stomach taste fried haloumi cheese fantastically good and freshly fried fresh fish.

Extra good conditions for visingsresor in spring
Contact us directly for prices, photographs and descriptions. 040 - 330 570.

Lovely swimming and good food guaranteed.Good food promised

Do not forget to buy a good travel insurance. You can do it with us or through this link.

Rental Service

You can also hire good living through our rental service.

3-room apartment, pool at the area 4 1250 persons per person and week.
4-bedroom villa, own pool, sleeps 4 1500 per person and week.
5-bedroom villa "executive", own pool, sleeps 4 2000 per person and folds

N. Cyprus has, of course, fine hotels too.

Getting here
You are flying with comfortable and reputable Turkish Airways from Copenhagen via Istanbul to Ercan in Northern Cyprus. From there it is about 30 minute transfer to your accommodation for about 250 SEK. It is also possible to fly direct to Larnaca with one of the charter companies, and from there transfer costs just over 500 SEK and an hour's itinerary.

Why North Cyprus?

Weather: Over 300 days of sunshine with long hot summer days. North Cyprus is a wonderful place to just hang out and relax, be in the sun and take each day as it comes.

Beaches: Many quiet, beautiful and pristine beaches with clear blue sea. There are a number of beaches where turtles lay their eggs and you can either see them come ashore or watch the turtles' eggs hatch. Or hop in the car and find a quiet place that you can have for yourself, all this is still possible to visit in northern Cyprus, there are not many places left in the Mediterranean longer there to do it.

History and culture: Long rich historical heritage that stretches back thousands of years. See the Roman ruins of Salamis or exploring Crusader castles or the Ottoman Buyuk Han Nicosia, or wander around the old town of Famagusta. There is so much to see. Northern Cyprus is not too large, you may be in Nicosia in the morning, for lunch Kyrenia, Famagusta for the afternoon and then finish off your day at the beach.

People: The locals are warm and friendly people and the Cypriot hospitality is well known. Cypriots welcome visitors and happy to talk with them about the weather or the food.

Matt: There is an amazing amount of food, mezes and kebabs to name just a few. You can have 30 different dish meze and international cuisine such as Thai or Italian. Options are truly cosmopolitan, modern and traditional.

Villas & Apartmentshigh quality for you who buy your expatriates in N Cyprus.

Value: Northern Cyprus is not in the euro area so prices are very low compared to other places. Local beer is on the £ 2 (6 YTL) and a glass or a bottle of wine under £ 10 (30YTL).

Landscape: Northern Cyprus has amazing scenery and views, ranging from the Kyrenia Mountains to the Karpaz Peninsula, the beauty of nature is everywhere.

Activities: Hiking and biking is the best thing to do in the natural and pristine beauty, but there are many other activities such as water sports (snorkeling and diving are popular), paragliding, karting, tennis and golf. Golf lovers have a championship course available at Korineum Golf and Country Club.

Nightlife: There is plenty of nightlife in the cities, the casinos for those who like excitement. Many restaurants and hotels have live music, the walk T to choose among the local Turkish music venues and discos, and even a Reggae Festival in the summer. If you are interested in night life will find it.

Source: Carrington Group


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