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Smaktur Skane

This year we offer exciting taste tours in Skåne - Malmö - Helsingborg

  • Northwest Skåne in the area of ​​Båstad Hovs Hallar.
  • In Malmö, on the theme "Haur you his Malmoe - Haur you his vaurlden". The flavors of Skane and the whole world.
  • Söderslätt "south of the highway."

We are especially proud Skånings this year when the New York Times list 2016 for "Where to go"Scania has the number 9 of destinations from all over the world. Our Tasting tours are flexible, from three hours to four days / three nights.

It is possible that:Fair in Helsingborg

  • Walk
  • Hike
  • Biking
  • E-bikes
  • Travelling by bus

You can book directly with us or City Break at Visit Scania or holidays. Groups are always welcome to get quotes for the best possible content and prices.

There will be different levels, ranging from good taste to a full meal. Join in and discover what good food and good ingredients there are in Southern Sweden, Skåne, and partly Danish cuisine when Skåne belonged to Denmark in history. Taste, Experience & learn. Enjoy moving on you and at the same time get new impressions of locally produced good food and drink.


Book a 3-hour tour with six flavor peak. Choose from themed Skåne or the world. The first four stops is a little easier and they 2 last contains little more of the character of small meal with drink. The tours will premiere in March. Welcome now to pre-book. The price of the simplest version will be between
395 - 495 kr.

We ensure that there is a range for the entire year, and all days.

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