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Take the chance to try one of Skåne's most beautiful cycling routes, an incredible experience where you will be able to take part in various scenic environments from the bicycle saddle. During the route you will see landscapes of both vast and rolling fields, but also see how the coast of Skåne changes from long white beaches to more hilly terrain.

You can also try one of our wonderful tastings in Malmö or Helsingborg. Visit a variety of strawberry places around both cities to get a fantastic taste experience.

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Do you like to discover things for yourself but need a little help choosing what? We have customized experiences for those who can navigate on their own but still want to come up with something fun!

Enjoy a coastline with long beaches and beautiful cliffs and open fields. Along the way, well-stocked farm shops, exciting places to visit, picturesque villages and cozy cafés await.

Experience nice strawberry places around Malmö and Helsingborg and enjoy wonderful flavors.

Take the opportunity to come up with something fun with your family or friends. We have some experiences and excursions that suit all types of company.