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We sell bicycles from the factory to used but always of high quality. We sell our seasonal bikes during the autumn every year where you can find good prices on touring bikes, electric bikes and city bikes.

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Find good prices on our bikes that have been out during the season or find a brand new bike from one of our partners. We will classify our bikes according to a rating scale on quality and condition. Below is the list so you can choose one that suits your needs and standards.

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If there is something you are wondering about, unsure of one of the bikes or just want to know more, send in your e-mail address and we will contact you.

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CUBE Touringcykel EXC Easy-Entry 2017

2 900,00 kr incl. VAT

CRESCENT Touring bike 24-speed white

1 500,00 kr incl. VAT

CUBE Touring Bike EXC Gray & Lime 2017

3 500,00 kr incl. VAT

Bicycle with Danish coffee / Smörrebröd

From: 295,00 kr incl. VAT

Companies ●

Everything about bicycles for companies

Invest in the staff. Get prosperous staff by offering company bikes with one of our complete packages.

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