Corporate bicycles ●

To invest in a business cycle is to invest in your employees.

Corporate bicycles

A business cycle is not just a benefit for your employees - it will also generate healthier, more high-performing employees with fewer sick leave!

People who exercise feel better than people who don't exercise - we all know this at Travelshop. We offer the opportunity for companies to lease stylish and fresh quality bikes from our wide range.

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Benefit cycles ●

Become a more attractive employer.

You as an employer not only become more attractive but you also get healthier employees and contribute to a better future. In addition, you save money by having bicycles for the staff. It is also significantly cheaper than having a car parked.

Leisure & experiences ●

Pay less and experience more.

If your employer has benefit bikes through us, you pay much less for your bike than you did if you went directly to a bike dealer. This means you can save money and experience more in your free time.

Health & Environment

A company bike is good for both your staff and the environment. It is very good to be able to combine benefit & pleasure with sustainability.

Finance & Time

No matter what bikes you buy, it will always be cheaper than a car. In addition, it is easier for your staff to get to and from work in cities.


The bike is easy to administer with Travelshop. We have contact with your employees and service their bikes when needed.

Companies ●

Experiences together with your company

Experience more with colleagues. We offer flexible packages and experiences around Skåne. Book an afterwork or a bicycle meeting with the customer.

 We have tailored experiences for you and your company.

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