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Travel insurance
A good way to protect yourself from injury and unnecessary costs is to take out travel insurance or make sure you have one. In this way you will be protected in case Skåne / Sweden should come into a quarantine.
Because of COVID-19, we understand that there may be no doubt about booking tours and experiences.

Because of this, we offer flexible cancellation rules that 100% of the money back if Skåne / Sweden is quarantined 48 hours before your departure date.

Should a quarantine come within 48 hours of your departure date in Skåne / Sweden, the best way to get their money back is to contact their insurance company. That is, those who take care of your travel insurance or regular insurance.
The Public Health Agency
The Public Health Authority has banned all events with over 50 people. They also warn of the following:

1. International events
2. Participation of people with lowered immune systems
3. Activities up close
4. Indoor activities


1Rental bikes
Before all the rental of new bicycles, we make sure to clean the rental bicycles with alcohol and bactericidal agents. In this way we prevent further spreading through our bikes.
Cash is a major contaminant and therefore we have so far chosen not to receive cash in neither Helsingborg or Malmö. Please respect this and pay by card, Swish or Google, Apple and Samsung Pay.
We have added a limit on the number of people allowed to be in our premises at the same time. If there are more than 5 in the stores, you will be asked to wait outside the company before you are ready. It is also possible to book for more as we can customize our premises for larger parties.
Try to keep a distance in our stores. It is recommended that you stand at least three meters apart to avoid the spread of infection.


Number of people with COVID-19 in Sweden right now

(Updated March 2020, 05)



Travel Insurance
A great way to protect yourself from harm and unnecessary costs is getting travel insurance. This way you'll be protected from no travel bans & other unforeseeable costs that might arrive due to the virus.
Due to the current wide-spread virus we understand that there might be hesitation when it comes to booking tours and experiences.

Because of this we also offer flexible cancellation terms and money-back guarantee if there's a "no travel ban" to Sweden 48 hours before your rental/experience.

Should there be a "no travel ban" to Sweden within 48 hours of your rental/experience then you should contact your travel insurance for assistance. They should be able to assist you in getting your money back.
Public Health Authority
Sweden's Public Health Authority has set a ban on all events with over 50 people. They're also warning for the following.

1. International events
2. Participation of people with a lowered immune system
3. Type of activity (close-range)
4. Indoor events.


Before every bike rental we will make sure to sanitise the bikes with alcohol and germ detergent. This is to make sure you'll not only get a clean bike but a bike that is without the dangerous bacteria & virus.
Cash is a massive issue when it comes to spreading the virus. We've from this point forward stopped accepting cash in both Helsingborg and Malmö. Please respect this and use a card.
We've added a limit so that a maximum 5 people are inside our stores at one point. If you plan on coming as more than 5 people then please create a booking before so that we can arrange our store after the size of your group.
Try to keep distance within our stores. To prevent further spread of the virus it's recommended to stay around 3 metres away from other people.



(Updated 2020-05-18)