Bicycle Charter

Choose one of our beautiful bike paths below to find out more information about each bike path.


Bicycle trails

Interested in a critically acclaimed biking trail or a new experience that was inaugurated this year? The choice of bike path depends on what you are looking for, however, we can guarantee that all routes will be a wonderful holiday destination.


The choice of bike can vary from person to person. We at Travelshop recommend our 24 geared touring bikes or electric bikes. Having the right bike is important, it is on the one you spend most of the time. There are several alternatives such as 7 gears, Tandem and other special bikes that can work for your purpose.


Keep track of what time you want to go! Most hotels are fully booked as early as March & April. So plan ahead, don't wait until the last minute as housing can be a big problem. By being out in good time you can also get the prices down so you have more to experience!

Why us?

Why should you choose us? We have over 500 cycling tourists on Skåne's trails every year. We have industry-leading service and bicycles. Our vision is to be the best at customer service. We have tailor-made packages so that everyone can find something with us. We offer one-way biking, luggage transport, luggage storage, hotel, service along the trail. We have many partnerships with companies along the route so you have it as safe as possible.