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Are you planning an afterwork or meeting with colleagues?

We offer tailor-made experiences for companies that want to experience something special.

Everything for companies

We welcome both small and large groups to our premises and activities, perfect for your conference, afterwork or a short trip. If you have specific requests about what you want to do, we will help you with good suggestions!

We offer:

  • Meetings and conferences with personal service. 
  • We also help you with food for the day, from breakfast to dinner and everything you could want in between.
  • Experiences in Skåne, tasting tours where locally produced and organic are in focus or different types of guided tours.
  • Different types of transport for hire, choose between buses, bikes, e-bikes, electric boats or canoes.

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A corporate bicycle is not only a benefit for your employees - it will also generate healthier, more high-performing employees.

To invest in a business cycle is to invest in your employees. 

Personal service and nice premises in central Malmö to all companies who want to make their meeting a little extra. 

It is also possible to plan experiences to do before or after your meeting.

With over 20 years of experience in packaging activities, we ensure that your company group has an absolutely wonderful experience with us.

We tailor all our products to companies according to their needs and requirements.