Bicycle Leasing

To invest in a business cycle is to invest in your employees.

A business cycle is not just a benefit for your employees - it will also generate healthier, more high-performing employees with fewer sick leave!

People who exercise feel better than people who don't exercise - we all know this at Travelshop. We offer the opportunity for companies to lease stylish and fresh quality bikes from our wide range.

Here we could explain everything that we think is good about a business cycle: It is good for the environment, gives happy and healthy employees and is fantastic much cheaper than taxi trips. There are many benefits to having a business cycle, but you as a company probably already have that in mind. So that's why we will only tell you what we at Travelshop can offer you as an entrepreneur and why you should choose us.

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Benefit Cycles - Complete Comprehensive Solutions

We have different types of packages for both traditional bikes and the more modern options for both touring and electric bikes. Here you choose which schedule suits you best.

If you are interested in buying bicycles for your staff, to use at work or to offer your employees a favorable arrangement on a bicycle for private use. Then we are happy to assist with help and make the process simple and easy for you and your company. We have good knowledge and help you figure out the best arrangement that suits your business needs.


Profiling - Company logo

Do you want your company to be visible all over the city of Malmö? A business bike is the perfect advertising pillar, it is visible and exposed to potential customers. It will also appear that you are a cycling company that cares about the environment when your business cycles are visible in the city.

We can offer customized signs or foiling the bikes to give you as a company the highest possible visibility.


All types of bicycles - Reliable quality

Our knowledge combined with our long experience means that you always have access to help and advice. We have the latest models of bikes and you as a company have the opportunity to mix and match the bikes you need.

We can offer you all kinds of bicycles; 7 geared city bikes, 24 geared sports bikes and electric bikes. Included in the lease agreement are always helmets you can also upgrade for a modest sum and invest in chief helmets.


Think about Health, we have whole packages together with Kris & Hjärta.

Every year, 10 people suffer a sudden cardiac arrest outside a hospital and only 000 survive. Nearly four in ten of those affected are of working age. With cardiac starters in more places and more who can cardio-pulmonary rescue, many more could be saved. Kris & Hjärta together with Travel Shop wants to spread heart safety.


Service and maintenance - We take care of everything

A bicycle that is used regularly also needs regular maintenance. You have the option in your lease agreement to make an option where you can choose whether you want with or without service. This means that we take care of the bike and keep it in a durable condition, and also perform repairs such as puncture, etc.

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Why should you choose us?

  • 20 years of experience in the industry
  • Wide range of different bike models to choose from.
  • Easy delivery solutions
  • Good prices
  • Service and maintenance of the bike
  • Advice before purchase
  • Phone & email support after purchase
  • Customized price proposals
  • Business bicycles with signs and exposure
  • Bicycle accessories in the form of chief helmet