Always included:
LCD projector or television screen, overhead projector, water, bowl of "good" candy.

Travelshops Snack Package fm + em. (Sc. Freshly baked rolls alt. Utilities), (em. Homemade cakes) (all day fine fruit plate coffee and nice service)

Our lunches are made with local and organic produce by savvy Skåne cooks.

Why not end the meeting with a guided tour? Choose between walk, bike, bus or to sit and listen. Knowledge before & dinner with some humor always spikes up. We also rent out workplaces in a shorter and longer period. The venue also fits for exhibitions and showrooms of various kinds. Other requests for quotation. Book directly at or call us at 040 - 330 570.

We offer course service around our meetings:

  • Rental bus
  • Rent a bike
  • Smaktur
  • Self catering chef to prepare delectable meals

One tip is to try our flexible smokers in Malmö and Helsingborg as well as in the rest of Skåne. The tours can be carried out as walking, hiking, cycling or bus.

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