H22 City Expo is an international city fair in Helsingborg. But H22 is also the journey there and the continued journey into the future. H22 are lots of exciting solutions that will give everyone in Helsingborg a higher quality of life in a smarter and more sustainable city.

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Travelshop will be on site.
Come and talk to us!

With us, you will have the opportunity to talk about how bicycles affect everyday life and the city's development. We will also explain why Helsingborg has the opportunity to become a world-class cycling destination.



High quality of rental bikes with flexible rental times and deliveries. We also have a variety of different types of special bikes for all needs. It is also possible to book one-way bikes.

We see Skåne and Helsingborg as a world-class cycling destination, we are so happy to be able to participate and contribute. Cycling fits perfectly in modern & sustainable societal development where our services come in handy.

Ingvar Ryggesjö

Corporate bicycles

A business cycle is not just a benefit for your employees - it will also generate healthier, more high-performing employees with fewer sick leave!

People who exercise feel better than people who do not exercise - we all at Travelshop know that too. We offer the opportunity for companies to rent / lease stylish and fresh quality bicycles from our wide range.

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Health & Environment

A company bike is good for both your staff and the environment. It is very good to be able to combine benefit & pleasure with sustainability.

Finance & Time

No matter what bikes you buy, it will always be cheaper than a car. In addition, it is easier for your staff to get to and from work in cities.


The bike is easy to administer with Travelshop. We have contact with your employees and service their bikes when needed.