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High quality service for your bike

Bicycle Service

We offer fast and high quality service for your bike with our ready-made packages. We also have a price list to fix most things that may be wrong with your bike.

We also offer one 100% guarantee that we can solve all the problems that have arisen. In addition, it is important that we always communicate with the customer so you know what happens to the bike and what needs to be done. 

We will contact you

If you have any questions, are unsure of your booking, send in your e-mail address and we will contact you.

The processing of your personal data is handled in accordance with the rules of the GDPR and the Data Protection Regulation.

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Bicycle Service

299,00 kr incl. VAT

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Save on nature and buy one of our seasonal bikes and get high quality for good prices. The bikes are also classified according to their condition.

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