About Travelshop

We package experiences in Southern Sweden and Denmark to companies and tourists.


The company was started in May 1999 and is privately owned. We collaborate with Tourism in Malmö & the Helsingborg family and see Tourism in Skåne and visit Sweden as strategic partners.

In Malmö & Helsingborg we run our meeting & excursion center near the Central Stations so that all visitors can easily find us.

We package experiences for all companies in Skåne with a focus on bicycle, sustainability, electric vehicles, locally produced and organic.

Staff in Malmö

Ingvar Ryggesjö


+46(0)70-748 67 11

Emil Walter

Project Manager

+46(0)70-758 66 01

Rafal Grönberg

Bikes & Transports

+46(0)73 505 63 91

Caroline Ragnarsson

Project Manager / Seller

+46(0)40 330 570

Staff in Helsingborg