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Enjoy an exciting game of Wintershuffle on the roof of the ship on Skeppsbron 4. Here are some classic courses. Dress warmly from now until April.

1 hour game incl. homemade beer mulled wine 125 SEK p / p

Corona safe activity. If the weather is bad, it is good to rebook or get full compensation.

Shuffleboard is a game for two players or two teams with two players on a specially designed court or table. The goal is to score points by pushing a counter into the counting goal marked on the court using a stick called a stack icon. Shuffleboard is a North American derivative of an older English game called shovelboard. There are a lot of variations on the basic game. Shuffleboard can be played outdoors or indoors. Outdoor courses can consist of wood, white painted cement or other materials. Plastic, summing courts for driveways are now available, too.

An outdoor shuffleboard court is on the ground floor, with lines painted to create a 39-foot rectangle with two-point triangles pointing inward from each end of the court. The triangle is divided into scoring sections. At the top are worth 10 points, in the section below which is 8 points and the section below which counts for 7 points. Below each triangle is a trapezoidal shape with "10 Off" written in it. In other words, landing your disk in this section costs 10 points. Players slide the discs towards a triangle from the other end of the court. Above each triangle is painted a "dead line". Each disk must slide past this line to be considered for scoring.

Wintershuffle every day 16-22 other times against pre-booking separately for smaller groups.

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