Bicycle map East Mälaren

Map sheet 27

The oldest narrative source about Mälardalen is written by Rimbert who may have been with the Nordic apostle Ansgar on his second trip to Birka during the second half of the ninth century. On this map there are many beautiful stretches along the shores of Lake Mälaren, beautiful coves, fertile plains and stately castles such as Taxinge and Gripsholm in Mariefred. On the northern part of the cycle map, Västerås is included in the west, Enköping and Uppsala in Uppsala in the northeast. Bicycle map Östra Mälaren provides a detailed picture of the cycle paths in the area.

At the top in the northwest on the northern map sheet is Sala, in the southwest Västerås and then follows Enköping, Bålsta, Sigtuna, Märsta, Knivsta and up in northeast Uppsala. On the southern part of the bike map are Sörfjärden and Strängnäs. Further south you will find Åkers styckebruk, Mariefred, Södertälje, Ekerö and Upplands Väsby up in the northeast.

Our maps are:
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Clearly marked bike paths and suggestions for bike rides
The surface of the marked joints is shown, gravel or asphalt
Printed on polyart, a durable and completely water-resistant material

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