Cycling map Östra Södermanland

Map sheet 23

In the eastern part of Södermanland, there are islands and archipelagos to the east, agricultural landscapes, lakes, ancient monuments and the castles so typical of the landscape. This sheet of the bicycle map contains Södertälje and Nyköping. The cycling routes are many, as are the excursion destinations. You can direct the journey to Tullgarn's castle outside Vagnhärad or Nyköpingshus where the famous banquet took place in the 1300th century. Bicycle map Östra Södermanland provides a detailed picture of the many cycle paths in the area.

The map sheet showing the northern part of the area includes Flen and Malmköping in the east, Gnesta and Järna south of Södertälje in the northwest. On the southern part of the bike map are Nyköping, Oxelösund and you can also see Kolmården and the eastern areas along Bråviken. Embedded on the map sheet is also a separate map of the Näckrosleden.

Our maps are:
Always the latest edition
Clearly marked bike paths and suggestions for bike rides
The surface of the marked joints is shown, gravel or asphalt
Printed on polyart, a durable and completely water-resistant material

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