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When we have to show the most Swedish we have, it is often Dalarna that is highlighted. And there is something very special about the landscape around Lake Siljan. The so-called Siljan Ring was created just over 350 million years ago, when a large meteorite struck with enormous SEKaft. The area, with its specific nature, offers a wide range of attractions. Bicycle map Siljan Runt gives a detailed picture of the cycle paths around Siljan.

The bicycle map covers, among other places, Mora, Orsa, Skattungsbyn, Gulleråsen, Boda, Nedre Gårdsjö, Nusnäs, Vikarbyn, Rättvik, Tällberg, Sågmyra, Grycksbo, Svärdsjö, Falun, Ornäs, Leksand, Siljansnäs, Häradsbygden, Säönönsj, Västanvik, Djura, Gagnef, Bäsna and northern Borlänge. In the bike map you will also find the route for the exercise races Siljan Runt and CykelVasan which runs between Sälen and Mora (embedded in the map sheet on a slightly smaller scale).

Our maps are:
Always the latest edition
Clearly marked bike paths and suggestions for bike rides
The surface of the marked joints is shown, gravel or asphalt
Printed on polyart, a durable and completely water-resistant material

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