Sustainability Tour

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Follow and see Malmö's development in sustainability

In Malmö, new areas develop rapidly and always with the environment in focus. Housing, offices, schools and recreation areas are built here with the aim of making the city mixed, denser and greener. The goal is to become a global model for sustainable urban development with districts like Hyllie and the West Ham in the forefront.

Are you a group or company with environmental issues in focus? Then this is the trip for you!


Follow and see Malmö's development in sustainability

Sustainability is a cycling tour with us on the green side, this tour is for those who are curious and want to be inspired to explore more about smart sustainable urban choices.

In Malmö, new areas are developing rapidly at all times with the environment in focus. Housing, offices, schools and recreation areas are being built with the aim of making the city more versatile, dense and greener. The goal is to become a global model for sustainable urban development with districts like Hyllie and the West Ham in the forefront. Malmö is always planning new projects in which the innovations are aimed at helping the city to reduce its carbon dioxide emissions and prepare for climate change.

Are you a group or company with environmental issues in focus? Then this is the trip for you!


Places we visit during the tour

The West harbour - Is a place challenging conventional and predictable solutions with innovative, forward-thinking ideas while taking into consideration the environment. Västra Hamnen is a good example of a district in Malmö which has transformed itself from being an industrial workplace to becoming one of the leading leaders in the green, sustainable city life over the years. In the BO01 area, we see smart solutions for environmental problems in society, how the waste is handled, alternative sources of energy, open-water drainage systems, green roofs and solar panels in most of the buildings. West Ham is still expanding and new buildings are showing up all the time and not forgetting the latest addition of Turning Torso. We will also stay at Oh Boy Hotel; the world's first bicycle hotel, before continuing on to our next stop.

Möllan in Slottsparken - This small garden is surrounded by one of Malmö's oldest parks, Kungsparken and the canals that flow through the entire city. Near the garden is another well-known landmark in Malmö called Slottsmöllan. This garden stands for organic biological farming methods with recycling thinking using environmentally friendly products. The area consists of several smaller cultivation palms all with different styles and features and open to everyone with green fingers and love for gardening all year round. Here everything is grown from vegetables, fruit trees, berries and herbs of different kinds. In this beautiful oasis we take a break with the opportunity to taste some of the local healthy products and we hope the landscape will inspire you.

Fiskehoddorna - These colorful fishing cabins are Malmö region's largest market for fresh seafood. This fish market has a charming location in the heart of Malmö in a unique setting on a street called Banérskajen. Every day, local fishermen offer a wide range of what the ocean has to offer, mostly fished in the Sound. Enjoy this timeless atmosphere and important landmark in Malmö with the smell of fresh fish and sea salt. We will have a taste stop with the opportunity to shop too.

The store GRAM - Gram wants to normalize and make this new non-typical shopping experience more common, by shopping in bulk without any form of packaging. In the shop you will find about 200 different products such as pasta, rice, flour, beans, coffee and oil. The store encourages customers to bring their own containers to reduce waste. If you forget to bring your own packaging, there are paper bags and glass containers that you can buy and then reuse for another occasion. Gram also supports collaborations with local farms and manufacturers near their store. Their ambition is to have a full circle of "zero waste" production where nothing is wasted, where you decide how much or how little you need and when everything is gone, there is no packaging to throw away. Here you also get the chance to try this new shopping style.

Limhamn's Kalkbrott -Kalkstensbruket opened its production already 1850, the limestone that was obtained was then transported to the cement plant near the port in Limhamn. This limestone crash is one of the largest open mines in Northern Europe with impressive size of 1300m x 800m and 65m depth. Today the quarry has got a new intention and has been transformed into a nature reserve. It is home to many different types of animal and plant life, several of the species are rare and some are also threatened. In the quarry you will also find fossils hidden in the layers of the stone and therefore a place for fossil hunters. We hope you will be taken by this spectacular view and out of the long history of the quarry, which has become one of Malmö's most valuable legacy.

Hyllie -
 Is the Öresund region's smartest climate area and Malmö's largest development area that focuses on the future. While some are still just talking about sustainability, Hyllie is already a pioneer and leading the way, in the district you see SEKeative developments and ambitious ideas. After the Öresund Bridge was opened between Sweden and Denmark in 2000, the government decided to build a railway tunnel under the city. Hyllie was then decided to become the first train station in Sweden, and has therefore become Malmö's newest meeting place. In Hyllie you will find Malmö Arena, Malmö Exhibition Center, Emporia shopping center, hotels, office buildings and Hyllie's water park with Kretseum knowledge center under the Hyllies water tower. The area is also the city's premier environmental school; Hyllievång. Here we will take a walk around the Hyllie plaza and take a closer look at the impressive buildings all with their own distinct design and architecture.

This trip can also be tailored to your demand with further stops such as Augustenborg Botanical Garden and the Marina Knowledge Center as a suggestion.

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Sustainability Tour

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