Kattegattleden (Package)

10 540,00 kr incl. VAT

The Kattegattleden has its original start from Helsingborg. But you have the opportunity to choose if you want to start from Malmö.

For each destination you arrive at, you are met by a unique experience and the sea is always with you. You stay in a good hotel including breakfast all the way.


Helsingborg you stay at hotel Clarion Sea U, which has its perfect location in the heart of the city.

In Helsingborg you have the opportunity to visit, among other things, the core with a fantastic view of the sea and Sofiero Castle to take part in the garden and the castle's history.


After your stay in Helsingborg, the journey continues to Ängelholm, where you also pass Höganäs. Take the opportunity to visit Höganäs market hall and Höganäs harbor before the tour continues towards Ängelholm. The town, which is located between the Bjäre and Kulla peninsulas, welcomes a 6 km long sandy beach, as well as activities such as kayaking and fishing on Rönne Å. For those who are not afraid of heights, you can go to Ängelholms Hembygdspark and test their climbing path among the treetops.

Arriving in Ängelholm, you live at Hus57 or Valhall Park.


The tour then continues to Halmstad via Båstad where you can, among other things, visit Norrvikens Trädgårdar. Norrviken is famous for its gardens in various styles, created by Rudolf Abelin as early as the beginning of the 1900th century. A visionary who was inspired by different countries and eras and then gave each garden its own special character. The gardens offer experiences for all the senses. In addition to that, Båstad offers a lot of taste experiences through a large selection of restaurants and the city is also known for the sport Tennis.

When you leave Båstad, you follow the sea until you reach Tallskogen in Hemmeslöv and thus leave Skåne and are welcomed by Halland. The tour leads one to Halland's oldest city, Laholm - the city that is also called "the small city with the great works of art". This is because the city offers many sculptures that you can take part of. You can also visit the Nordic region's only museum of drawing art. The day ends in Halmstad, Halland's largest city, which is known for being a fantastic summer city.

Here you stay at the Grand Hotel in Halmstad, or Tylöbäck, where there is a wonderful view of the sea. If you have time left over, you can also take and walk along the Rhodendron Park which is not far from the hotel.

Here you can take the opportunity to visit events, such as concerts, which usually take place in Solgården. Take the opportunity to enjoy seafood platter at Bettan's bar, or eat Italian ice cream at Möllegård. If you are a chocolate fan, you must not forget to visit Skånska, which is a café but also has a chocolate factory.

Visit Galgberget which is a beautiful natural area that during the 1600th century was an execution site. On the other hand, it is a well-visited area and if you are lucky, you will see the whole of Halmstad and the Bjäre Peninsula clearly. If you also want to experience what the city was like before, you can visit Friluftsmuseet Hallandsgården.


The tour continues later to Falkenberg, which offers beach beaches and the charm of its small town. Take the opportunity to shop along Storgatan and Nygatan. There are many different museums to visit, examples of local history museums with Falkenberg's history.

If you feel like cycling a little extra or sleeping overnight extra, Gekås Ullared is not too far from Falkenberg. You will stay at the fantastic Hotel Nya Palace.


The bike ride from Falkenberg to Varberg offers open landscape. In Varberg municipality, you can follow the Kattegat trail between Stråvalla in the north and Björkäng in the south.

Walk along the sandy beach or promenade and look at the beautiful Kallbadhuset from 1903, it is one of the most beautiful bathhouses in Sweden.

in Varberg you stay at Kusthotellet or Clarion Collection Hotell Fregatten.


The next stop is Kungsbacka. Just before you arrive at Kungsbacka you can visit Tjolöholm Castle. The castle is said to be one of Sweden's most remarkable buildings and is the country's only Tudor castle.

In Kungsbacka itself, visit the old water tower from Tölöberg, from 1897, 179 steps up to the top.

Walk around the parks that are open all year round and take the opportunity to have coffee. In Kungsbacka you live at Särhöhus. During the 1800th century seaside resort era, many beautiful villas and bathing pavilions were built and many still exist today. Walk along the sea in the unique nature reserve Särö Västerskog and finish with a lunch or dinner at the inn.


The last stop on the Kattegattleden is Gothenburg - Sweden's second largest city.

The city is known for its range of seafood and fish restaurants, feel free to visit Feskekörkan, one of the city's landmarks, from 1874 it is the largest fish market on the Swedish west coast.

For those of you who love speed in everyday life, do not miss Liseberg.

In Gothenburg you stay at Hotel Waterfront or Elite Park Avenue.



Stages according to here:

Day 1 Malmö - Helsingborg (approx. 53 km) or Day 1 starting from Helsingborg

Day 2: Helsingborg - Ängelholm (approx. 39 km)

Day 3: Ängelholm - Båstad (approx. 55 km)

Day 4: Båstad - Laholm - Halmstad (approx. 42 km)

Day 5: Halmstad - Falkenberg (approx. 57 km)

Day 6: Falkenberg - Varberg (approx. 39 km)

Day 7: Varberg - Kungsbacka (approx. 72 km)

Day 8: Kungsbacka - Gothenburg (approx. 64 km)


This is included

What is included in the package is the following:

  • Hotel with double room and breakfast
  • 24-speed touring bike
  • Luggage transport between all hotels
  • Bicycle map with good tips over the Kattegattleden
  • Emergency number so that you can always reach us


This is a supplement

Some additions you can choose to the package are:

  • Start from Malmö (The stretch between Malmö and Helsingborg offers a view of the island of Ven, which can also be visited if you take the boat over, where you can cycle around. There you can discover the island's attractions such as Tycho Brahe Museum, hiking with Alpacas or visit Spirit of Hven, or Backafallsbyn for those who like whiskey.
  • Half board
  • Transfer from Copenhagen
  • Bicycle transport (not included in the package)
  • Upgrade to Electric bike:
  • Panniers (2 pcs / bike): 200 SEK
  • More rental bikes: at a reduced price

Good to know for the customer before the trip

What can be good to know before the trip is:

  • Clothes after weather
  • insurance

Tip what the customer can bring with them before the trip

  • Good mood
  • Seat pads can be good to have with you
  • Water
  • Map if desired or tips on attractions
  • Debit cards as many do not accept money

How is the product booked?

The product can be booked via:

  • Viator
  • Travelshop's website
  • TripAdvisor

What are the departures during the lucky days?

You can start at 09.00 but the customer chooses the departure time.

How long before can customers cancel the tour?

The customer can cancel 4 weeks before the start date for a full refund.

How many can join the tour?

This is a private tour / activity which means that the activity is only for the group booking.

What is the price of the trip per package / person?

The package costs SEK 10 / person

What is the turn for directions?

Starting point Malmö: Start by taking you to Malmö C, walk along track 10 towards the bicycle garage, then down a flight of stairs and to the right you will find Travelshop. From Travelshop you can get more information on how to start your bike ride.

Malmö Central Station

Central plan 10

Bicycle garage 211 20 Malmö


Starting point Helsingborg: Start by getting to Helsingborg C and get to the bus terminal. Travelshop Helsingborg is located at Gate 6. From Travelshop you can get more information on how to start your bike ride.
Railway Street 22
Junction Gate 6

Helsingborg 78 252

What information do we need from the customer to process their tickets?

Information that can be good to get from the customer for further booking is:


  • First and last name
  • Length of cyclists
  • Number of people
  • Email
  • Mobile number



We will contact you

If there is something you are wondering about, unsure of your booking or you want to book more than a week, send in your e-mail address and we will contact you.

The processing of your personal data is handled in accordance with the rules of the GDPR and the Data Protection Regulation.

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