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Experience more of the Kulla Peninsula! Welcome aboard the Kullabussen. Get off or on where you want and enjoy all of Kulla Peninsula's favorite places.

This is how it works:
1. buy your ticket. Choose whether you want to go in 24-hour or in 48-hour
2. Jump on / off how you want, at any station (see picture map).

All tours have live GUIDE!

The litter bus runs from the 6 of July until the 4 of August 2019.


One-day ticket:
Adult 175: –kr / Children up to 13 years 75: –kr

Two day ticket:
Adult 300: –kr / Children up to 13 years 125: –kr

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Ball Loops 2019

Take the opportunity and join these unique few tours that will offer spectacular views and dramatic scenery. This tour takes you from coast to coast through various agricultural landscapes, where rapeseed and fruit trees are in full bloom. Choose either a 24-hour ticket and / or a 48-hour bus ticket that works just like the hop on hop off concept. Included in this adventure are memories for life, you will meet people along the places who create delicious dishes and drinks while they are happy to exchange their stories.

Highlights with the Kullabussen

Stop by: Magazine 36 and Outlet area

There is everything you could wish for, chocolate and glass production, microbrewery, ceramics, design and clothes and good restaurants where you can have lunch. Why not try the buffet with locally produced ingredients at the market hall or take a week's burger with Höganäs beer at the garage, which is just an old garage.

Stop by: Krapperup and Holy Smoke

Krapperup is a castle built in the middle of the 1500 century surrounded by beautiful parks open to the public all year round. There are also museums, art galleries, music halls and cafés. From the Krapperup you can during the weekends from about March - October see the smoke rising from Holy Smoke, in the middle of the country opens up its own world, with smoked meat, fireplace with marshmallow grill for the children and a lot of people and nice atmosphere.

Stop by: The litter's guy

At the far end of Kullaberg is Scandinavia's brightest lighthouse in one of the world's busiest waters. It is located 78,5 meters above sea level and can be seen at a distance of five miles and is today owned by the Swedish Maritime Administration. For over 1000 years, there has been some kind of a lighthouse with lights to guide seafarers.

Stops at: Arlid
If you want exercise you can wander west and visit Himmelstorp, discussed Nimis and Håkull highest summit on Kullaberg. Otherwise you can visit the harbor, one of the restaurants or Arild's vineyard.
Stops at: The insert
Take the opportunity to relax for a while with a coffee at Flickorna Lundgren's famous café, before the bus continues on to the flatterer countryside where you can visit both asparagus cultivation, apple orchard and another vineyard.


Places the bus stops

  • Helsingborg
    Viking center
    Lerberget east
  • Höganäs travel center
    Magazine36 / Market Halls
  • Höganäs Outlet
  • Holy Smoke BBQ, Brackets
    Krapperup castle
  • Möllehässle First camp
  • Mölle harbor
  • Kuldens Lighthouse
  • Arild
  • The girls Lundgren, Skäret
  • Jonstorp
  • Gl. Södåkravägen 127
  • Görslöv
    Höganäs Museum
  • Höganäs travel center