Cargo bike

From: 250,00 kr incl. VAT

A seven-speed boot bike with hand and foot brake. The box is equipped with seatbeds and a belt for children. Childcare is included at no extra charge for all during 15.

Equipped with, among other things, canopy, lighting, puncture-protected tires, disc brakes at the front, foot brake at the rear, steering dampers, folding benches with 4 belts and for a safer and more comfortable feeling, the frame leans towards the curve when turning.

Cargobike Classic is one of the few cargo bikes in the world that is SGS & TÜV tested and approved, this to give our customers maximum safety. All electronics are CE marked.

250 kr / three hours (Only bookable in store)
SEK 330/1 day
630 kr / 2 days
930 kr / 3 days
1230 kr / 4 days
1530 kr / 5 days
1830 kr / 6 days
2130 kr / 7 days

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Experience Sweden by bike

Enjoy the Swedish bike trails from a comfortable bike. Experience nature, people, the sea, local food and drinks with fresh air.

- Smygehuk, Sweden's southernmost point.

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