Malmö-Expressen - Tour with Electric Mini Train - EXTRA INVOLVED TOURS SATURDAY 4/9 AND SUNDAY 5/9

From: 70,00 kr incl. VAT

See Malmö from our nice mini train this summer. Enjoy Malmö's different faces and see the old town, squares, castle, parks, Turning Torso, Västra hamnen, Dockan, etc.
Now also with photo stops where you can take pictures on the Öresund Bridge!

Extra inserted tours Sat 4/9 & Sun 5/9! 

Adult: 70 SEK (€ 7)
Children: 4-11 year 35 SEK (€ 3,5)
Children: 0-XNUM years free

Take Malmö-Expressen - Mini train in Malmö city!

On this tour with Malmö Expressen, you will experience Malmö's most famous places comfortably from our Mini-train. The mini train tour is an audio-guided train ride in English. This tour offers you both Malmö's Top 10 sights and historical highlights from Malmö's history with old and current landmarks. The tour is for those who want to go on a wonderful trip to Västra hamnen, Turning Torso, Malmöhus Castle, Stortorget, Malmhattan, photo stop over the Öresund Bridge and several places. 

Find your favorite place in Malmö from the mini train and hop off and explore if you want. The train also stops at the Öresund Bridge where you have the opportunity to take a picture of one of Malmö's most important symbols.

Take part in some of the most important and historical monuments in the flourishing, friendly and multicultural city of Malmö. Avoid the hassle of renting a car and navigating through public transport. This tour is a fun alternative to experiencing all the major attractions that Malmö offers. End your tour in the center where restaurants and souvenir shops are waiting for you!

You also have the opportunity to book the mini train to various other events throughout the year. Suitable for afterwork, bachelorette parties and bachelorette parties, our tastes, when you want to celebrate something extra or team building at work. When renting, various picnic baskets and catering can be booked in advance, please contact us


NOTE! To be more sure of getting a seat at the departure time you want, we recommend boarding Stortorget well in advance of departure. If one departure is full, it is great to take the next.

Hope you have a nice experience in Malmö!

English Information:

Last tour for the season Saturday 4/9, Sunday 5/9

The Minitrain ride features an audio-guide in English.

NOTE! If you want to be more sure about getting a seat on your preferred boarding time, we recommend boarding at ”Stortorget”, and to be there in good time before departure. If one departure gets full, you can take the next one.



Timetable and route:

Duration: 55 minutes

Days:  Sat, Sun.

Language: Audio guide in English

START  tur 1 tur 2 Trip 3 there 4 *
Big Square 11:30 13:00 14:15 15:40
Malmö Live 11:35 13:05 14:20 15:45
The University        
The doll 11:45 13:15 14:30 15:55
Turning Torso 11:55 13:25 14:40 16:05
Öresund Bridge photo stop 12:05 13:35 14:50 16:15
Malmöhus Castle 12:20 13:50 15:05 16:30
Gustav Adolf square 12:30 14:00 15:15 16:40
St. Peter's Church        
Big Square  12:40 14:10 15:25 16:50


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Book Malmö-Expressen - Tour with Electric Mini Train - EXTRA INVOLVED TOURS SATURDAY 4/9 AND SUNDAY 5/9

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