Malmö - Kristianstad Southern Sweden bike trail

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Welcome to take part in a completely new cycling experience between Malmö - Kristianstad

Take the chance to try one of Skåne's most beautiful cycle paths, an incredible experience where you will be able to cycle through various scenic environments. During the route, you will also see landscapes how the Skåne coast changes from long white beaches to rolling flowering rapeseed fields. Along the south coast road you have the opportunity to swim from Sweden's perhaps most beautiful beaches and discover hidden gems such as small farm shops and fishing communities. Why not take a look at one of all the cafes you will find along the way and enjoy dinners at local inns, and take the chance to visit the lively cities of Ystad and Kristianstad.

This package includes:

  • Malmö - Kristianstad - 6 nights with breakfast at nice hotels along the trail
  • Transport your luggage on the trail to the various hotels
  • Touring bikes with 24 gears
  • Maps and information about the trail
  • Pick-up, we pick up your bikes when you are done with your bike ride.
  • 1 pannier, waterproof bag

Day 1: The journey begins with a day / night in Malmö:


2 different options in hotels

  • Elite Plaza or Elite Esplanad: Two nice 4-star hotels in the middle of the city with nice service and good food and drink. Only 500 meters from Malmö Central Station and 20 minutes from Copenhagen Airport.
  • Hotel in Malmö Arena: This hotel is right next to Malmö Arena and a 4-minute walk from Hyllie Station. Malmö Arena Hotel is a family-owned and colorful event and business hotel with 395 rooms. On the ground floor is our restaurant Nilssons Restaurang & Bar where the chefs compose menus with Scandinavian modern food in focus. Malmö Arena Hotel's sky bar is located on floors 16 and 85 meters above sea level. From their sky bar you have a unique view of the Öresund Bridge and Malmö. The sky bar's panoramic window gives you an excellent view in all directions.

Malmö is one of the ten best cycling cities in the world. But there is so much more to the city than just good bike paths. What really makes the city worth a visit are the diversity, the markets, the restaurants, the parks and the beach. Spend a few hours in Malmö and shop at Möllan, take a dip at Ribban outdoor swimming pool, walk through Pildammsparken, have a cup of coffee at Slottsträdgården slottsträdgårdscafé and visit the harbor in Västra Hamnen and Turning Torso. And do not miss Malmö's excellent restaurants, everything from Guide Michelin restaurants to excellent street food.

Things to do in Malmö:

  • Ribersborg outdoor bath house. (Ribersborg's cold bath house in Swedish, also known as the Ribban of the elderly and Kallis of the younger generation) is an outdoor bath on the Ribersborg beach in Malmö, about one kilometer southwest of Turning Torso.
  • The palace garden, the palace garden in Malmö is located on the island, just behind the Malmöhus castle. The garden has an area of ​​about 12 000 square meters and is run by a private club with ecological principles.
  • Turning Torso is a neo-futuristic residential skyscraper in Malmö and the tallest building in Scandinavia. It is considered the first twisted skyscraper in the world.


Day 2: Cycling Malmö - Trelleborg (37km)

From the Swedish Riviera bar to the Viking fortress in Trelleborg, it is only an easy bike ride of only twenty kilometers. But before you go to Trelleborg, take a detour to Skanör if your time allows it. The long SEK white sand beach around Näset was chosen as one of Europe's most beautiful beaches. Here you get a relaxing beach life and inside Skanör harbor you can enjoy fish from local fish smokehouse, or the inn and walk along the beautiful houses. It is a kept secret that Skanör / Falsterbo is Sweden's richest place for bird species and that over 340 species have been observed here. So whether you are a bird watcher, a food lover or a swimming enthusiast, there is a lot to experience. Skanör is a town in the district Vellinge and some Skanör with Falsterbo in southwestern Skåne, Sweden. The city's facilities include hotels, restaurants, a harbor and a medieval church.


Rest out: Trelleborg

  • Fina Hotell Dannegården: Centrally located in Trelleborg - here you are close to everything! The proximity to the ferry terminal with connections to the continent and Travemünde, Sassnitz and Rostock meets the local in the form of cozy cafes, scattered restaurants, inspiring shopping and a rich cultural life. They have 42 rooms that include single and double rooms and offer tastefully decorated rooms with luxury beds from the Bed Factory Sweden brand. Trelleborg is a city that is also called the City of Palm Trees for the beautiful palm trees that decorate some of Trelleborg's streets and roads. This is also a hub for all ferry traffic to and from Sweden, so you will no doubt see these ships dock in the quay. Do not forget to visit the ancient Viking village in Trelleborg with its museum and café. After a nice rest in Trelleborg, the next trip to the cozy town of Ystad is to take a walk among the 300 old half-timbered houses with lush gardens and cobbled streets

Things to do in Trelleborg:

  • The Viking Museum in Trelleborg. The Trelleborg as it looks today is a reconstruction that was completed 1995. In the museum building there is a Viking exhibition, a shop and a cafe.
  • Mossbystrand.
  • Smygehuk. Sweden's southernmost cape with harbor and cozy fishing village.
  • On the way to Trelleborg, you cycle past the cozy Mossby beach with SEK crystal clear water and the living fishing villages Abbekås and Hörte. Sweden's southernmost cape is in Smygehuk, where the fish smokehouse offers local specialties


Day 3: Cycling Trelleborg - Ystad (47km)

Beautiful and beach-friendly beach between Trelleborg and Ystad. -Ystad Art Museum. Collection with a focus on art in relation to Scania and Denmark. Ystad is home to one of Sweden's best-preserved monastery buildings. Enjoy the herb garden, visit the museum or have a cup of coffee in the garden. Follow in Wallander's footsteps! Watch the films and film locations in Ystad's tourist center, and there are also guided tours for the most avid Wallander reader. . There are also cozy cafes and a small fishing port. With the sea as your nearest neighbor, you cycle past Beddingestrand which really lives up as a top summer destination! Stop and take a break and then continue to the old fishing village Gislöv.

Rest out: Ystad

New hotels Leisure: With its four stars in Ystad, this is one of Ystad's best hotels. They have their own garage and close to the central station, the marina and the shopping streets. Their staff is there at all times of the day to make you feel at home and have access to the best service. The hotel has both an indoor large pool and a lovely roof terrace with bar.

To do City:

  • Marsvinsholm Castle. Be ready 1648, visit the beautiful castle park or theater!
  • Ystad studio's visitor center. Here you can experience different environments from several of the productions that have been recorded in Ystad Studios over the years


Day 4: Cycling Ystad - Simrishamn (53km)

Between the charming medieval towns of Ystad and Simrishamn, you travel through open landscapes, ancient stone carvings and over golden rapeseed fields. This is a paradise for nature lovers, here there are many hiking and biking trails to experience. You cycle between apple plantations and mythical places from the Viking Age, but you also get to see castles from the Middle Ages. The nature in this part of Skåne offers unique flora and exciting fauna. Something new is waiting around almost every corner. Visit the fishing spots with life, the mighty Ale stones, the interesting vineyards, the Sandhammaren nature reserve, the cozy cafes and the local restaurants. Or just walk over to one of the long white sandy beaches, lie down in the soft sand and enjoy the fantastic views. Southeast of Skåne has a lot to offer a visiting cyclist. When you land in Simrishamn you will meet a fishing village with a cozy city center, go for a city walk on your own and stay down in the harbor and enjoy the atmosphere from the sea.

Things to do in Österlen:

  • Dag Hammarskjölds Backåkra. Incredibly beautiful nature reserve with a farm bought by Dag Hammarskjöld.
  • Kåseberga and Ales stones. Old fishing village with lots of cozy restaurants. Hike up to Ales stones dating back to 400 AD.
  • Brantevik. Cozy village and fishing location with several lovely cafes and restaurants.
  • Sandhammaren. Perhaps Sweden's finest beach!

Rest out: Simrishamn

Here you stay at Hotell Svea: The hotel has a wonderful courtyard with bar and restaurant. A traditional hotel with sea views, we suggest breakfast on the terrace overlooking the sea.

Things to do in Simrishamn:

  • Nordic Sea Winery. Sweden's largest winery with guided tours. Österlen Museum. Always free admission to current exhibitions and to the garden.
  • The fishing port, where you can try freshly smoked fish.
  • Swim in Tobisvik, a beautiful beach. Lots of activities for the kids.
  • Walk in the old town




Day 5: Cycling Simrishamn - Brösarp (30km)

This stretch offers winding roads and fantastic views of the hilly, well-preserved natural and cultural landscape of the Österlen region. Along the trail you will meet the 1700th century Baroque Christinehof Palace, located in an ecological park that offers many relaxing walks. Next to this castle you will find Alunbruket, Skåne's oldest cottage café, where you can enjoy Swedish coffee and pastries in a wonderful old environment. Just a stone's throw from the trail you will find Hallamölla waterfall, with a well-preserved mill. Hallamölla is the highest waterfall in Skåne with a total fall height of 23 meters. High above the Baltic Sea, with a view that stretches for several miles, lies Vitaby Church. Next to the church in Vitaby kyrkby are farm dairies with their picturesque, cozy farm shop and Vitaby blueberries that offer you an opportunity to pick your own berries. The surroundings are varied and consist of lovely cultivated land and grazing meadows and forest. Kivik is the ultimate apple town and is home to the Kivik cider factory and the annual apple market. Meet the farms and enjoy the various farm shops with their local products. Experience the fishing village with its tasteful mix of old and new houses. Stop at one of the cozy cafes and restaurants that cater to all tastes. Which will be your favorite? At the end of the stretch you meet Stenshuvud National Park, whose rock tower gives a view to the south. Stop for a moment and go up to the top of the mountain. Simrishamn, often called the capital of Österlen, dates back to the 1100th century. Picturesque pastel-colored houses with beautifully carved doors are a typical feature of this area. Go shopping in Simrishamn's shops and enjoy a delicious meal with local ingredients in the restaurants and cafés here. You will find a wonderful beach north of the city, as well as an outdoor pool with temperature-controlled sea water.

To do on the way:

  • Christinehof Palace. The castle was built in 1737–1741 in German Baroque style under the leadership of Georg Mockelten. The castle is part of Christinehof's Ecopark. Today (2017), the cultural association Christina's Wänder conducts program activities in the castle.
  • Alunbruket. One of Skåne's oldest café. The cross-timber length was built as a working home at the beginning of the 1700 century and is beautifully situated surrounded by Verkeån's nature reserve.
  • Vitaby. Over the Vitaby Church's rolling hills in Österlen, it is a sight worth seeing. The ground on the farm just below the church bell has been used by the same family for over nine generations.
  • Kivik's temple. Kiviks Musteri AB is a Swedish family-owned museum in Österlen, Skåne, run by the fourth generation Åkesson. They process fruits such as apple juice, juice, cider, SEA cream and soups. These items can be purchased at their Museum store.
  • Stenhuvud's National Park: Naturum Stenhuvud is the visitor center. Here you can see an exhibition about the national park, meet knowledgeable staff, join a guided tour, browse a book in their reading corner and buy a cup of coffee in the summer.


Rest: Brösarp

Brösarp's guest house: Ancient and is widely known for its good food and pleasant service. Located in the center of the charming Österlen. Experience spring's fantastic apple blossom, the weak winds of summer or why not a sunny autumn day when apple trees bear fruit? Together with the restaurant and its surroundings, they can offer you tasty delicacies. In Österlen there are many and beautiful golf courses - close to the apple orchards, the open fields and the sea - there are many options.

Things to do in Brösarp:

  • Do not miss Brösarp's guest house “Egg cake or lots of other exciting home cooking.
  • Hiking, cycling on Brösarp's slopes


Day 6: Cycling Brösarp - Kristianstad (48km)

Between Kristianstad and Åhus, the Sydostspåret cuts through Kristianstad's bread culture. Among the crops grown here are rye for the famous Swedish crispbread, potatoes for potato chips and wheat for Absolut Vodka. Åhus is one of the best-preserved medieval cities in Sweden. Narrow lanes are decorated with picturesque half-timbered houses. Did you know that there are remains of a city wall on the outskirts of the city which is one of the best preserved in Sweden? Do not miss Absolute Home where you can learn more about the history and philosophy behind Absolut Vodka. Enjoy authentic Scanian food at Åhus Gästgivaregård Värdshus, locally produced ice cream (Ottoglas) on the central square and miles and miles of beaches. Combine this with an adventure with the Upzone amusement park, where you climb an obstacle course between the trees. In the Friseboda nature reserve, you cycle right next to the sea. From the bike path on the railway embankment near Maglehem you can pause to enjoy a cup of coffee in the café and the unique quarter museum Blåherremölla in an environment filled with natural beauty and cultural history Kivik in the north to the beloved Österlen region, take your time and stay an extra day. There is so much to discover here. There are various hiking trails, such as Österlen Trail, Blåvinge Trail and Backa Trail, which meander around the hills with their unique flora and fauna.

Rest out: Kristianstad

Kristianstad First Hotel Christian IV: This former hotel is a bank, a 6-minute walk from the amusement park and a 4-minute walk from both the Kristianstad Regional Museum and the Film Museum. Just 100 meters from the train and bus station, the hotel offers 86 magnificent rooms and suites with high comfort.

To do:

  • Blåherremölla. In scenic and cultural history valuable surroundings, old-fashioned homemade cakes, waffles and good sandwiches are served. Here, guests will have an unforgettable cup of coffee in a wonderful old farm and mill environment. Unique mill museum simply!
  • Discover what "Water Kingdom" really means.

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Malmö - Kristianstad Southern Sweden bike trail

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