Unique bike guide Malmö-Lund


The cities are really opposites even though they are so close - within cycling distance, in fact!

In this guide you can enjoy two complementary excursion paradises. Metropolitan pulse in Malmö and history coziness in Lund. Choose and choose between the experiences depending on what you want to do.

What does your company look like? Here are tips for everyone: families with children, those interested in culture and design or the sports gang who want their day filled with action. Even you who think that you "know" your Malmö and Lund will find goodies, I promise!

To make matters worse, all bicycle trips from Malmö and Lund to the sea have also been mapped. The road to the picnic sites is full of Scanian mills, coffee shops, unique shops and beautiful castle parks. So start your planning right away. Spread out the map sheets at home on the kitchen table and choose from the 22 excursions in the map guide. Dreams are best created together.

Also coming in English 1 April 2019.

175,00 kr incl. VAT

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