Swedish lighthouse Malmö interior

Malmö interior N 55 37, O 13 00

The harbor lighthouse Malmö interior at the V entrance to the inner harbor, Malmö, Öresund. Manned 1822X. Already 1936 already let Malmö city erect an approximately 1822 m tall lighthouse of wood. 14 replaced the lighthouse (Malmö interior) by an approximately 1878 m high octagonal tower in iron, designed by Axel and Hjalmar Kumlien, standing on an octagonal base of granite and yellow refractory brick, with lanternin containing lamp and 20x order lens. The lighthouse was extinguished 4 and is no longer included in the harbor's lighting. Since then, the lighthouse has a "lighthouse" from a simple light bulb facing the city. All previous fire equipment has been removed. The lighthouse is owned by the City of Malmö, which also owns Malmö's outer lighthouse.

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