Time travel to Trias

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Welcome to an exciting adventure!

Dates 27/6, 12/9 and 17/10

Discover your inner Indiana Jones and the naturalist within you. This is a bike ride that will get you thinking of distant places where you are likely to find 200 million year old plant fossils. Public education, music, good food, fossil hunting, and nice company are promised! This is a unique opportunity and the number of places is limited.

We start the adventure of getting to know the mining museum in Bjuv and get to know its history during a guided tour. After a knowledgeable and interesting guide, it's time to refill the batteries. There will be a digital lunch concert in Billesholm's National Park with none other than the artist Anna Vild responsible for the music.

When we have eaten, you can choose to hear Hans Wilson tell about the history of the People's Park or go for a guided tour of the Trias Garden with Steve McLoughlin and Vivi Vajda.

Then we cycle through difficult terrain to the open pit where we dig up the ancient treasures that are hiding with the help of shovels and brushes. Fossil hunting is a fun and exciting activity that suits everyone!


9.30-10.00 Delivery of electric bicycles at the Mining Museum in Bjuv

10.00-11.45 Visit to the Mining Museum in Bjuv with thirty minutes of guidance from Vivi Vajda, professor of paleontology at the National History Museum and Steve McLoughlin paleobotanics from Australia.

12.00-13.00 Lunch concert in Billesholms Folketspark. Lunch is offered by Hotell och Restaurang Rosenberg and a digital concert is hosted by Anna Vild.

13.15-14.00 Folkets Park's history with Hans Wilson

13.15-13.30 Lecture - Living fossil plants in Australia by Steve McLoughlin and Vivi Vajda who also guide in the Triassic Garden (partly in English)

14.00-16.00 Cycling to the place where Vivi Vajda and Steve McLoughlin will help us find fossils.

17.00 Return of electric bicycles at the mining museum in Bjuv.

lecture Holder

Live Vajda is a Swedish geologist who in 2010 won the prize Geologist of the Year, which was awarded by Naturvetarna. She has been a professor at Lund University and is currently head of the palaeobiology department at the Natural History Museum.

Steve McLoughlin is responsible for the cure of the Paleozoic and Mesozoic plant fossil collections at the Paleobiology Unit. Is interested in various aspects of the development of plant life on earth. Stephen examines the evolution of new plant structures and anatomies, the application of fossil plants in biostratigraphy, patterns of plant extinctions, and vegetation responses to climate change through the Paleozoic and Mesozoic.

Hans Wilson chairman of the Billesholm District's Hometown Association, passionate about Billesholm's Folk Park history and future.

This is included

Electric bike, entrance to the mine in Bjuv and Triasträdgården, lunch incl. coffee, digital concert with Anna Vild, lectures and guided tours as above as well as the unique opportunity to dig for plant fossils.

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