Från: 350 kr incl. VAT

Cycle in Helsingborg, free for 24 hours and then leave at one of our partner hotels. Experience Helsingborg, as a place of residence and as a tourist.

Our European 7-speed city bikes (7SECB) are specially designed for short distances and fast speeds. It is best suited to more fun urban areas and if you want to travel on country roads or longer trips (30KM). It is absolutely perfect for Malmö and Helsingborg!

All you have to do is book, we make sure the bike, the map and everything else is with you when you arrive. Then we pick up the bike at the place you leave it. All so that you do not have to worry about transporting bicycles and other things.

Choose from a 7-speed or Touring bike
City map with tips
Audio Guide

Choose where you want to get your bike

Choose where you want to leave the bike