The south coast trail
(3 days)

Från: 1 090 kr incl. VAT

Take the opportunity to try one of Skåne's most beautiful bike trails, an incredible experience where from the bike saddle you will get to enjoy various scenic environments. During the stretch you will see the landscape of both vast and undulating fields but also see how the coast of Skåne changes from long white beaches to more hilly terrain

Along the southern coast, you will have the opportunity to swim from Sweden's possibly most beautiful beaches, discovering the favorite place such as small farm shops and fishing communities. Why not take a coffee at any of the cafés that you find along the way and enjoy dinners at local inn, and take the opportunity to visit the lively cities of Malmö and Helsingborg.

In the package One way: So the tour is self-guided this means you decide for yourself where on the trail you want to start and end your trip. (Choose location yourself)
Each city has a specific hotel below that we want you to leave your bikes at.

You tailor yourself to how far you want to cycle and you can always choose some of our “optional” detours where you have the opportunity to discover even more and extend your stay.

This is included:

  • An 24 gear cycle (3 days)
  • One way
  • Maps and information booklet about the trail.

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Each city has a specific hotel below that we want you to leave your bikes at. Read more in the description below

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The south coast trail

The idea is as simple as the function: You want to ride a distance, on either the Kattegatt Trail, the Southeast Trail or the South Coast Trail. Then we think you should not go back where you start to return the bike. With our One way package you rent a bicycle at the start of the journey and return it at the end of the journey. This means that you are given the freedom to leave the bike wherever you want in any city on any of our bike trails. We have chosen to cooperate with hotels as return places as those who normally have generous opening hours.

Examples of places where you can return the bike within our normal price:

Malmö, Ystad, Simrishamn, Landskrona, Ängelholm, Halmstad, Gothenburg, Helsingborg, Falkenberg, Skillinge

The opportunity is also available in several locations. Contact us to get pricing for your city.

With us you can rent everything you need for the trip as a bicycle where we offer light 24-switched touring bikes or electric bicycles, waterproof bicycle bags and bicycle car etc. Repair equipment (tires, pump and simple tools are always included). We can also offer our adventure kit for those who want to take the opportunity to live outdoors where cooking equipment is included. You can also ride your own bikes and only use our additional services.

With this flexible solution, you do not have to think about transport and can fully enjoy the bike ride you decided to cycle short and long. In addition to transporting pick-up or delivery of bicycles, we can also offer luggage storage and transport of luggage as well as transfers.

Make it easy and plan your own bike charter according to your choices according to what you want to discover from Skåne or the rest of Sweden and let us take care of the bike.

Example of Route:

Helsingborg to Simrishamn
Experience one of Skåne's most beautiful stretches and see when Öresund becomes the Baltic Sea. Along this stretch you will experience both vast and undulating fields, but also see how the coast of Skåne changes from long white beaches to more hilly terrain.

Here you will also discover small strawberries such as small farm shops and fishing village where fishing is still being conducted and daily fresh fish is sold. Take the opportunity to take a typical Swedish coffee break in any of the cafés that you find along the route.

The trip is obviously flexible as it is self-guided and of course it is possible to turn around on the route and start from Simrishamn and finish up in Helsingborg. You plan yourself how far you cycle and you can choose one of our "optional" detours and discover more of our fantastic coast and landscape.

Helsingborg (Good Morning Hotel)
Helsingborg which today is counted as Sweden's ninth and Skåne's second largest urban area and which is also part of what we call the Öresund region. Here you start your route with an overnight stay at fine Good Morning Hotel in Helsingborg, rested then head out on a lovely day trip along the coast down to the next stop in Landskrona. But before you go you can experience one of the sights in Helsingborg or on the way down the coast eg.

Landskrona (Hotell Öresund)
Urban area on the Öresund coast, a city of change from being one of the largest shipyards in southern Sweden to a modern urban area with several innovative new establishments.
Here Hotell Öresund offers a place at its newly renovated Hotell / Spa a place to rest and fetch new SEKafter.
Just off the coast of Landskrona you will find Ven, a fantastic island that offers a variety of reasons to visit. Here you can easily cycle around, you will also find several nice eateries there or why not visit their own Whiskey distillery at Backafallsbyn.

Malmo (First Hotel)
Also known as the parks city because of all the green oases that are centrally located in several places in town. Malmö has during the last 60 years taken the step from an industrial city to a hub in technical and cultural innovation and which now has the honor to call itself a university city. With its approx. 375 000 residents count Malmö as Sweden's 3e largest city and over the years has achieved great success in sports.

Here you can take a well-deserved break at First Hotell and enjoy a good dinner at one of Malmö's all restaurants. In Malmö you will meet a crowded city with a large selection of food from all over the world and several restaurants that have received several awards such as Michelin Guide.

Don't miss out on some of Malmö's sights such as Turning Torso and the Öresund Bridge. Along the long, fine beach here you can enjoy swimming regardless of the season at Kallbadhuset.

On the way down to Trelleborg you will pass Höllviken if you want to continue out to Skanör / Falsterbo and see fantastic views beyond the southernmost Öresund.

raspberry farm

Trelleborg (Hotel Hansa)
Welcome to Sweden's southernmost city also called the Palmerna town for the fine palm trees that adorn a part of Trelleborg's streets and driveways. This is also a hub in the ferry traffic to and from Sweden on the continent, therefore you will see these ferries add to the port.
Here you can rest on our chosen Best Western Hotel Hansa before the journey continues towards southern latitudes.
You can watch and visit Trelleborg Castle, an old Viking castle, which also has guided tours

SmygeHamn (Smygehus Havsbad / Mossbylund)
Sweden's southernmost cape here you can enjoy a Swedish coffee break or why not try a freshly-smoked fish or buy with your little delicacies from the sea to enjoy later. Here it is crowded by visitors, especially during the summer months. Continue one more bit to the next place for some rest well between Smygehus Havsbad or Hotell Mossbylund

Ystad (Continental)
With its over 300 idyllic Skåne half-timbered houses, Ystad is one of Sweden's most picturesque small towns. This Skåne pearl in Österlen houses small genuine street environments lined with unique half-timbered houses, with roots in the Middle Ages, and a grand open landscape. Add this more than 4 miles of soft scenic beaches and everyone understands why Ystad is such a popular destination. Movie enthusiasts can take the opportunity to visit some places where the films about Kurt Wallander take place. Along the route up the coast you can visit

Simrishamn (Hotel Svea)
This is a paradise for the nature lover, here is a lot of hiking, cycling trails to experience. You cycle among apple orchards and mythical places from the Viking Age, but also get to see castles from the Middle Ages. When you land in Simrishamn you will meet a fishing village with a cozy town center, preferably go for a city walk on your own and stay down in the harbor and soak up the atmosphere from the sea. Here you can rest out on the ancient Hotel Svea

Other places you can visit

  • Höllviken
  • Falsterbo
  • Skanör
  • Österlen (Tomelilla, Glimmingehus, Fars Hat)

Bicycle route / map