Southeast route (7 days)

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Sydostleden is one of Sweden's national cycle routes. It extends nearly 300 kilometers and offers a wide range of cycling experiences. The trail starts (or ends) in southeastern Skåne, in the picturesque town of Simrishamn, and takes you through a constantly changing landscape all the way up to Växjö in Småland.

In the Skåne section of the trail you cycle through Kivik's apple orchards, where you can stop and try a cool Kivik's Apple cider, before rolling on past picturesque farmhouses, pastures and forests. The whole road offers wonderful views of Skåne's natural and cultural landscape. For a further refreshing break you may want to stop at the Hallamölla waterfall with its well-preserved mill. The waterfall is Skåne's highest with a fall height of as much as 23 meters. Skåne's rolling meadows and sandy beaches followed by the archipelago of Blekinge and Småland's deep forests make this cycling trip a unique and memorable experience.


  • You stay in a good hotel with breakfast all the way.
  • Price for 7 days: 10540 SEK p / p with part in double room and breakfast.


  • Touring Bike
  • One way
  • Hotel nights for the whole trip
  • Breakfast at the hotels
  • Luggage transport


  • Upgrading to Electric Bicycle (300 KR)
  • Panniers (2 per bike) (200 KR)

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The south-east route is divided into seven stages. Choose to cycle one stage at a time, combine several or cycle the entire trail in one swipe! Plan many stops along the way, the trail offers a variety of cultural experiences through a varied nature.

Växjö is Sydostleden's northernmost city, which has everything from award-winning restaurants, unique shopping and entertainment to picturesque alleys with cobblestones and red cottages.

The south-east route's start / destination in Växjö is a travel center. The city today has around 66 000 residents.

In Växjö, nature is always close, you can, for example, fish in the city lake Växjösjön. Along the trail you will find a number of attractions, such as Teleborg Castle, the Swedish Glass Museum and the House of Expatriates. When you are at the Eko Temple, Växjö's water tower, you have reached the highest point of the Southeast 203 meters above the sea.

Did you know that in Växjö's oldest pastry shop Broqvist's pastry shop was "born" Napoleon pastry almost 150 years ago?

Cycle on winding forest roads and experience the Småland nature down towards Tingsryd. Take a dip in one of the many lakes, you may be lucky to catch a moose or a deer.


Stop and admire one of Småland's longest and most beautiful stone bridges in Blidingsholm, where the Southeast Trail crosses the Mörrum River.

When you reach Urshult from Tingsryd you reach the southern tip of Åsnen, the county's largest lake. The archipelago attracts with fishing, canoeing and bird watching. A stone's throw from the trail is Åsnen National Park where the view over the lake gives the feeling of wilderness with its undeveloped islands. The mythical Troll Mountain on the western side of Åsnen offers exciting forest walks, especially for the little ones.

From Lake Åsnen, the Mörrum River flows down towards Fridafors, Svängsta and Mörrum before it opens into Pukaviks Bay west of Karlshamn. You ride the entire distance between Norraryd and Karlshamn on a railway embankment that belonged to the Karlshamn-Vislanda Railway.

Hovmansbygd has a preserved industrial landscape with factory buildings, railway bank, ponds and canals, here you pass Ebbamåla Mill which is probably the best preserved engineering industry in Europe.


From the wilderness to the archipelago in just a few miles. Here you cycle along one of Sweden's most rich waterways, Mörrumsån, which is well known for its salmon fishing.

Between Hovmansbygd and Hemsjö you cycle through Käringahejan's nature reserve, a wilderness with steep slopes down towards Mörrumsån.

If you are interested in fishing gear you must not miss one of the country's finest industrial museums ABU Museum in scenic Svängsta. The exclusive fishing reels are still manufactured here and are an important part of society.

It was in Karlshamn Kristina from Duvemåla and her Karl Oskar boarded the brig Charlotta, who took them across the Atlantic to America. The expatriate monument in the harbor park has been erected in memory of all those who emigrated from Sweden. With its location by the sea, Karlshamn is a popular bathing and holiday resort.

On the weekends during the summer, the archipelago boat from Karlshamn goes on to both Ronneby and Karlskrona along the coast. Throughout the summer, the archipelago boat goes daily to the popular islands of Tärnö and Tjärö

Also, take the opportunity to visit Ebbamåla Mill, which is one of Europe's most well-preserved and complete engineering industry environments from the 1850 century.


In Karlshamn's cozy town center with well-preserved houses from the 1700 and 1800 centuries, you will find a wide selection of lovely restaurants, cafes and shops.

At this stage you cycle in an open landscape along the coast where there are several swimming spots that invite you to a cool swim.

Continue the bike ride towards Mörrum, which is famous for its sport fishing waters. Here you can fish salmon and sea trout. In Norje you come halfway on the Southeast Trail.

In Sölvesborg you cycle on the spectacular Sölvesborg Bridge, which links Listerlandet with the city. It is Europe's longest pedestrian and bicycle bridge with fantastic evening lighting.

In the cozy city center you will find cafes, shops and restaurants. Around the square, the medieval street network is preserved and a short distance away is the city's oldest building - St Nicolai Church, erected around the turn of the century 1300. Also, don't miss visiting Four Seasons Park created by Dutch garden designer Piet Oudolf.


In Valje, you cross the border between Blekinge and Skåne. Outside is Skåne's only archipelago and you can swim in Valje and Edenryd.

Skräbeån is known for its whitefish and sea trout fishing and at the bridge you see Nymölla mill which dates back to the 1400 century.

Take a day trip on the Banvalls Trail and cycle on the old railway bank between Sölvesborg and Olofström. Here you cycle past Ivösjön and the opportunity for a canoeing experience on the water.

The Smuggler Round, a local cycle route in Bromölla municipality, is included as part of the Southeast Trail. If you hook up on the Smuggler Round to Bromölla, you can visit the fossil exhibition in the Sea Dragon's house. Also, do not miss the artist-run cultural center Ifö Center, located in the old pottery factory in the middle of Bromölla.

Arriving in cozy Kristianstad where parts of the city are below sea level and banks and water pumps protect the city from flooding. On piles in the middle of the water, Kristianstad's destination is number one: Naturum Water Kingdom, which has been designated a UNESCO biosphere reserve. Here you can find moors in the creek, watch fish in the aquarium, look for animals or enjoy the view from the panoramic window.


Between Kristianstad and Åhus, the Southeast Trail goes through Kristianstad Plains' pantry. Here is the crispbread rye, chip potatoes and Absolut Vodka wheat.

Åhus is one of Sweden's best preserved medieval cities. Narrow alleys are bordered by picturesque half-timbered houses. Did you know that there are remnants of a ring wall on the outskirts of the city, one of Sweden's best preserved?

Don't miss Absolute Home where you can learn more about the history and philosophy of Absolut Vodka. Enjoy authentic Scanian food at Åhus Gästgivaregård, locally produced ice cream (Ottoglass) by the sea and miles long beaches. Combine with adventures like Upzone, where you climb through obstacle courses up between the trees.

In Friseboda nature reserve you cycle right next to the sea. From the cycle path on the embankment at Maglehem, you can depart to the café and the unique mill museum Blåherremölla with scenic and cultural history valuable surroundings.

You can find the northern gate to Österlen at Brösarp, take your time and stay an extra day - there is much to discover! Get off the bike and experience Brösarp slopes - both the north and the south.

Varied hiking trails such as the Österlenleden, Blåvingeleden and Backaleden meander along the slopes with unique flora and fauna.

Try the Skåne classic "Egg Cake" at the famous Brösarps Gästgifveri, have a coffee at Café Smulan in the middle of the village.

During the summer, the Skånska Railway Museum offers a grand nostalgia experience with a steam train on an over 100 year old railway between Brösarps station and S: t Olof..


The route offers winding roads and lovely views in the hilly well-preserved nature and cultural landscape of Österlen.

Along the trail, the 1700 century baroque castle Christinehof is located with the eco park which invites you for more round trips. Just next door is Skåne's oldest coffeehouse, Alunbruket, where you can enjoy Swedish coffee in a wonderful cultural environment. A stone's throw from the trail is also the Hallamölla waterfall, with a well-preserved mill, is Skåne's highest case with a total fall height of 23 meters.

High above the Baltic Sea, with a wide view, is Vitaby church with a staircase. Next door to the church is Hvitaby church village farm dairy with a small cute farm shop and Vitaby Blueberry which offers self-picking.

The surroundings are varied and consist of beautiful cultivated landscapes, pastures and forests. Kivik is the village where the apple is in focus with the Apple Kingdom, Kivik's Museum and the annual Apple Market. Meet the growers and experience the various farm shops with local produce. Experience the old fishing village with a tasteful mix of old and new buildings. Relax in cozy cafes and restaurants for all tastes. Which will be your favorite?

Linderödsåsen end Stenshuvud National Park rises in the south. Stop and hike to the top of the mountain!

The eastern capital of Simrishamn dates back to the 1100 century. Picturesque pastel-colored houses with beautifully carved doors are typical of the neighborhood. Experience the city's museums that depict history and even modern times: the Österlens Museum, Gösta Werner & the Sea, the Autoseum, the Tannery Museum and not least the Österlen Electric totem. Shop in the city's shops and enjoy a tasty meal using local produce at the city's restaurants and cafes. You will find a lovely beach to the north of the city as well as an outdoor swimming pool with temperate sea water