Från: 300 kr incl. VAT

Why not rent the bike for an event! Hire how long you want!

Do you want to book the bike for more than a week? Get in touch with us info@travelshop.se!

Tandem cycle with 3-7 switches. The bike has hand and foot brake and bicycle basket.

  • 300 kr / day
  • 640 kr / 3 days
  • 1050 kr / 5 days
  • 1250 kr / 7 days

Retrieve the bike at: *

Choose where you want to retrieve and leave the rental cycle.

Weldtite Cycle Tyre Seal

Pressure latex seal for quick repair and inflation of the wheels. Repairs your puncture directly with repair spray without removing the wheel.

Weldtite Cycle Tyre Seal


Tandem cycle with 3-7 switches.